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Uniform Dating review


Military Cupid lacks nothing in the way of communication. They have a good policy that says if one member has a membership, then chat is available for both. This is fair, and it gives you a chance to meet individuals all over the world.

Filling out your profile is always a good way for people to know you. They give you a great chance to understand the person on the other side as if you are within a breath of meeting them. The great thing is, that’s all it will take.

Getting In

A lot of the general things are required for this process to begin. However, the inside of the site is worth investigating, so go ahead and take a look. So, set up your email, create a password, and confirm your email like all the rest of the sites you will run across.

After that there’s another requirement. You need to add something to your profile or you will be prompted to do that. The site won’t let you look further than choices if you don’t fill out your profile.

We encourage you to be friendly, and make a step toward meeting that other special person. Put some effort into introducing yourself. You can write as much as you feel you need to make that happen. Consider the fact that if they read the full profile, they’re honestly interested in you. This is where the “Rubber meets the Road”. It’s a great way to start getting to know someone. We’ve had several people send us letters and invitations to meet them. This is one thing that tells us the results on this site are worth testing out for yourself. 

“Rubber Meets the Road”

People on this site seem to take a bit of interest in talking about themselves. There are however those who don’t but you can see by the way they make their membership. Those who think it’s important and they really want to meet others will buy a membership. This is indicated in the person icon under their picture.

The gold icon means they have a short membership so it’s for a limited time. A blue person icon means that they have a longer membership and they are looking for more attention “per say”.

There’s a wonderful part of this website we like. If someone has a membership, then both people can chat on their format. Some sites demand that both have purchased coins, credits, or have a membership before real communication begins. With Military Cupid, only one needs to buy a membership. It’s simple and gives a chance for registered users to meet each other, as well as new users not sure if they want a membership.

Those who are serious will add a lot to their profile and give you a good idea who they are because they know it’s important.

All Over the World

People from all over the world are on this site. From America, Brazil, Germany, and Poland, and more, it’s possible to meet anyone.

Many from low economical countries won’t possess a membership, however you could purchase a temporary pass or a one-month access to try it out. The possibilities are endless if you really know what you want.

Adding Pictures to Your Profile is a bit different in their way of algorithm structure. So adding up to five pictures is good. However, you only need to add one picture to have access to look at profiles. When you add only one picture, you’re essentially tying the hands of another user who really wants to get to know who you are. The same things go when you wear sunglasses in all your pictures. People want to see people. Eyes are the lighthouse to the soul, do you know this phrase? It works here. Show your eyes, and write a good profile explanation answering every question they ask honestly. Those who are interested in meeting you will be able to see what you are about. 


Надпись: A page will look like this. It will tell you everything you want to know about an individual you may be interested in. With the exception of a fully written biography, you can still see what they did care to fill out. Full statistics and interests are included in some profiles if they opt to fill them out.

At the bottom after you read through the full list, you will see that there are warnings. These warnings are there to help you understand that even on a nice site like this, there are scammers. In different places there are advisements on how you can improve your profile, and other things. The creators of have put a lot of thought into their site and give you plenty of room to make a decision whether you want to buy a membership or not. There are always added benefits to reading through a profile. If you read to the end of a profile or when you’re finished, you can choose other people with similar profiles should you be interested.

Pros: has a lot to offer. This site gives you more than enough chance to interact with different individuals. People all over the world are on this site and want to be with someone who “Rocks their World”. The benefits of just being a registered member outweigh any initial membership benefit to any other singles site as far as we see it.


Here, as long as you understand you need to pay for some things on the site, there are no cons. Just cruise through the site, and see who you’d like to meet and make decisions on how you can get their attention. There’s no fuss and no muss to what can be done, or happen.

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