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Uniform Dating dating expert review


What a name! is a site like any other site for singles. They’ve got a complicated name. Surely, there’s a reason for it, but ours is not to question why, simply review and move on. Just remember when you put this name in your browser you use two P’s for UPP instead of one UP. If not, you’ll run into a wall.

This is one site we can say is a good site. Along our review train, we’ve found several, but this is another. The adults here on are respectful of the site. We hope you’ll see the difference in a respectful site and other sites. It’s more about how they get the message through to you rather than attracting a person with sexy pictures. We think the bottom line really is that anyone can be sexy, but not everyone can put on a pleasant profile. This takes skill and finesse. has that quality.

What Can We Say About

First of all, to get this out of the way they have a very impressive front page. They give you the impression that if you sign up with them now, you’re saving money. A free registration is what gets you in the site, so signing up is signing up. However inside, they have a lot happening you’ll want to sign up for.

Getting Started with

This site is a caring site. What we mean by that is, it’s the kind of site that makes sure you are who you say you are. You don’t get any leeway while trying to sign in. If you’re not real, or have ill intentions, you’ll soon have no chance in this site. They find it out.

Let’s Get Jiggy!

First thing you do is sign up. has a portal that gives you a chance to do it all easy. Just answer simple questions, and create a password. Then check your email for verification. If the email isn’t sent, click the resend button. When you get your email and go into the website, you can delete the former browser. It’s just taking up space anyway. Go ahead and look through at some different profiles to see if you’re interested.

Browsing Through

There’s a welcoming sense of warmness as you go through some of the profiles because they don’t just have a message to come and have sex. There are definitely people who want to meet you if you want to meet them. It’s really about the way you go about it.

Many times to interact with these ladies, you need to pay for a membership, subscription, maybe buy coins or credits. wants you to pay to interact as well. Just look through and see if it’s what you want.


As you go through the site, little pop-ups will come your way. These are a few of the propositions you’ll see in little tickets. You can X out or simply ignore them. Meanwhile, you can still cruise the site. Take a look at all members possible and you may see more of what you’re looking for. A wild full selection of individuals who have clothes on.

The Bottom Line

Anywhere you go in, you’ll find a nice page. When you finish looking through and you want a membership, all you have to do is click the appropriate button and pour a little money into the pockets of those who control the site. It’s worth it actually. A lot of very nice and well-meaning individuals are in this site. Just take it one step at a time.


Sites like these are sort of rare because of the number of singles sites you’ll find on the search engines it’s surprising we see a site like this. It’s a fair site and with all the things they do with the users both male and female, we recommend this site for a good decent experience.

Cons: is a site that like other sites, require some kind of payment at one point or another. The deals are somewhat expensive, but comparative to other sites on a higher scale. Everything you do here needs to be dealt with respect and reactiveness. Remember that the individuals you send messages to are probably talking to another 10 individuals at an average. That’s being said, there are no grievances, or cons to mention. They are a good site.

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