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Are you looking for a site where the members wear uniform and their admirers too? Does UnformDating looks like that kind of a place or just another scammy dating service trying to get your hard-earned cash?

Ok, here we are at another dating site. Let’s talk about what we can do here. It can be an experience with every site.

Your favorite songs playing, and your computer is opened and poised to see what kind of adventure you'll have. Then, you grab your mouse. You point and click on the military-looking guy on the front of the website. You've been eager to set up your profile. Your personal pictures are the best they can be. Now, you're ready to post them as soon as you get to that section. You've written a perfect bio on a word document and will copy and paste it as soon as you find where to do it. What have you got to lose?

Nice Place to Browse Around

For your initial membership, you know you have to confirm your email, set up your password, and do different things so that you can cruise all the luscious people just biting at the bit to meet you. Is that the truth? It could be. It depends on how you look at it. Usually, there will be at least one message or email for you to look at within an hour, as soon as you make your profile. Be sure to add a few pictures. These pics would help in the long run, with how you receive a response. Those responses from individuals who will try to get your attention are going to be good depending on what you're looking for as time goes by.

Still with your initial membership, you can see just a little about the individuals you come across in the browse section. It's extremely simple. What you should do, is scroll down the line to see all the people first. They’re all different kinds of pretty. Some want more than just to show you a picture of themselves. They want to show their body. Some simply want you to guess what’s happening in their world. Some want more than all that.


Look at a few profiles. Catch a few smiles or shots from some people and click on the picture. Right away, you'll be prompted to buy a full membership with a front window while the back window loads with the profile you want to see. For now, just click the "X" and get rid of that window. You'll see the profile. You'll learn just enough about her to think if you want to send her a message. But wait, there are also other people. Click the "Back" button and go back to see a few more. Find about five or six women and see what you want to do. At this point, you have enough information to decide if you think you need a membership.

The membership prices aren't that bad. Every singles and dating website has a price to partake in when you’re ready to take the “JUMP” and get more involved with the soulmate search.

Some of the profiles are a bit more revealing than you would think. The site tries to blur the "Private" photos, but a viewer, can still see what's in the picture. Plenty to see, some to do. That's the way this site works. When you get the full membership, you'll have an open door to everything you see, and more. There are some hidden nuggets if you keep clicking around you can participate. 

Little Benefits

As you're on, you'll see little tags that inform you if you've been favorited, liked, or even have a message from someone. One person can like, favorite, and message, you all at the same time. It would be like a fanfare of black tags on your computer screen. Sometimes two or three people will do it. If that happens, you get bombarded with a lot of little things to do on

When you check your menu, you can go into the area of messages, emails, or favorites. Still they will ask you via their prompt if you'll buy a membership. Many times, you won't be able to read the messages or emails because you don't have a full membership.


There's just enough to read about in users profiles to decide if you want to meet them. It's a good way to screen who you'd like to meet, and who you wouldn't. Some people you can't trust nearly as far as you can throw them.


The only con is that every time you want to do something special besides put up sexy photos, you're prompted to buy a full membership. Outside of that, the sexy photos that people put up on their profiles are only blurred a small amount. There's enough to see what's in the picture. They are not securing anything to reserve and keep secret for paying members except private videos.

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